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Experts in representing digital personalities. 6+ years of experience commercialising leading talent and ideating revenue streams that allow talent to build future-proofed careers in this space.

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Whether you book a one-off consultation or our full influencer crash course, each session is a 60-minute digital 1:1. We deep dive into your specific creator career and share personalised, targeted expertise on how to effectively monetise your audience and build a sustainable career in the space.

Rate Card

Work through key stats, insights and brand partnerships to create an industry-standard rate card.

Media Kit

Work through an industry-standard media kit template together, for you to complete with expert feedback.


Work through an industry-standard strategy template together, for you to complete with expert feedback.


Learn all the tips and tricks of how to negotiate effectively for yourself with the option to work on a live negotiation!

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Take a look at some of our FAQs!

What do I get in a one-off consultation?

You can choose from any of the above topics, or we can tailor the call entirely to your needs.

1 x 60-minute digital consultation
1x follow-up email with relevant information/templates
1x recording of our consultation

What do I get in a full influencer crash course?

4 x 60-minute digital consultations (covering the topics highlighted above)
1x strategy template
1x media kit template
1x follow-up email per consultation with relevant information/templates
1x recording per consultation
2x follow-up emails with ideas you'd like feedback on

What does it cost?

60-minute digital consultation: £450
Influencer Crash Course: £1,620

NB. Rate Card Readings will be a 30-minute consultation and 30-minute offline strategic analysis for the manager to finalise your fees.

Can you explain your pricing?

These 1:1 consultations offer direct industry intel, are completely personalised and will give you the tools you need to effectively manage yourselves, as well as help you make a more informed decision about taking on management.

Don't just take our word for it...check out our testimonials below! 

What are your qualifications?

Described as an ‘expert in influencer marketing’ by the University of Leeds, Verity has more than six years of experience providing 360 management to the UK’s top digital creators.As an authoritative voice in the space, Verity has a following of just under 15,000 across her TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn and has spoken at industry events such as Women In Leadership, Empower Conference and Learn Lounge. Verity’s Springpod talk had the highest live turnout in the brand history.

Not only does Verity drive tangible results for rostered clients, with annual increases of up to 206% in their income, she also writes and executes courageous strategies for talent, with a focus on diversifying revenue streams across licensing, publishing, brand partnerships and content IP. To name a few, Verity conceptualized sustainable style brand TALA (, brokered the Spotify exclusive deal for Olivia Neill’s podcast, Inner Monologue and secured the publishing deal for Grace Beverley’s Sunday Best Times Seller ‘Working Hard or Hardly Working’. 

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