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Our roster can deliver millions of organic views with just one ad. Check out our case studies to see more!

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In just 1 month on TikTok

Our roster are among the highest-performing creators on TikTok Shop. Our talent managers train talent to have their fingers on the pulse.


Brand partnerships managed

Our experienced talent managers are experts in pitching, negotiating and closing campaigns with prestigious brands and talent.

No matter your budget or objectives

...we've got you covered across all areas of your marketing mix. Representing micro, macro and mid-tier influencers alike, we represent talent based on value before following.

Exclusive Talent

Our exclusive talent inspires, educates and informs their highly engaged, rapidly growing audiences, creating high-quality content that gets results.

Non-Exclusive Talent

Whether it's paid, gifted, UGC or events... we'll connect you to our growing network of 2,000 non-exclusive talent. They pitch, you pick!

Jaycie Fry

Exclusive Talent

Eva Ama

Exclusive Talent

Dinner With Jon

Non-Exclusive Talent

Beth Bird

Non-Exclusive Talent

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Yep, it's all in your hands! Whether your exploring a shortlist of non-exclusive talent or pitches from our exclusive roster - you have the final say.

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Receive an in-depth analysis outlining your campaign success to. foster a long-term, authentic partnership.

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