What's the difference?

A quick overview

Our quick ticks will help you decide which management is right for you.

✍️ 24/7 advice from influencer management team
💸 weekly brand opportunities
🌐 events with well-established brands
📱can include ‘represented by @tbhtalent’ in bio
🫶 connect with like-minded talent 
🤞outreach to hundreds of brands each quarter
💘 feature on the our website
📢 be in the loop with the latest industry updates
🤳 tiktok shop guidance and support
✍️ opportunity to pitch your creative concept to brands
💻 can secure deals outside of @tbhtalent
🙋 your team can negotiate and broker select inbound deals
😢 opportunity to terminate at anytime 
🙋 your experienced team will negotiate and broker all inbound opportunities
💰 your experienced team will set your rate card
💬 dedicated WhatsApp group with your management team
📊 personal dashboard tracking every op we're discussing 
🗓️ personalised weekly update with a breakdown of your priorities 
📩 option to have a @tbhtalent managed inbox
🫵 yearly strategy based on all data we collect on you and your account
⏳ logistical support w/ scheduling calendars and brand deals